Friday, 14 October 2011

Dear Readers,

...Yes we are assuming we have more than one avid follower!

Apologies for the lengthy time between posts, but it has been a very hectic September. I was busy wrapping up my master’s degree, and Danielle has been pre-occupied with her medical studies and doing “Danielle-like things.”

Unfortunately for the blog, Danielle has taken on a very important academic position within her school which has, effective immediately, prevented her from contributing to the blog. I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours. In the near future, Danielle and I will be looking for a replacement blogger/contributor; stay tuned for more information.

Despite this setback, I still wanted to publish at least one post before many of you send in your applications to medical school. I apologize to those who have already sent in their application, as it was my intention to post weeks ago; unfortunately other pressing needs in our life kept myself (and Danielle) busy. Should your application not be successful this year, make sure you refer back to this post before applying again in the future.

The application experience is not one that anyone should enjoy, unless you are a masochist and/or love yourself so much that you readily enjoy sharing all there is to know about you with strangers. In the column to the right is my Top 15 (...that’s five more than you David Letterman!) details applicants should (or should not) consider during their medical school application.

Don’t simply dismiss the goofy pointers, even they have merit. I hope you find some of these points helpful in your quest for MD domination.