Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What is this all about - the dark side of the moon!

I could tell you lots of humbling things about myself; but only one thing is for certain – I’m a failure. This past year was my third year applying to medical school, and despite being wait-listed I was too far down on the list to be accepted. In the face of all clichés, the third time isn’t a charm. Luckily, Barney Stinson and I have a similar attitude on life; when I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome!

I completed a B.Sc. in Immunology and Infection at the University of Alberta. This is where I met Danielle, who was also in the same immunology program; as such, we quickly entered a state of competition with each other for the higher grades. Sadly, what seems like a marginal defeat on my behalf was actually a full-blown ass-kicking. I probably spent at least double the time studying in the library than Danielle did. Luckily, I’ve been told it’s the paths we take and our experiences which define who we are, not the end result. As a result, I am now left wondering if all this means I am some sort of library-hermit?

After graduation, I started graduate studies in the Department of Medicine (at the University of Alberta), studying the stereotyped molecular phenotypes of inflammation and the immunological mechanisms of organ transplant rejection. …Wow, I am a library-hermit! I think I just reached self-actualization on Maslow’s hierarchy.

Later this summer I should graduate with a M.Sc.; but I am undecided on what my plans will be for the next year. Of course I will be applying to Canadian medical school again. I figure at the very least one school will accept me 20 years from now – by then the admission’s committees should be tired of reviewing my application year after year and sending me annual rejection letters.

Despite what I have led you to believe this far, I have an awesome life outside school. Most notably, I have been studying karate for about 18 years now (which means Chuck Norris is the only man I fear). Apart from my own training I’m actively involved in teaching and I also sit on my organization’s executive as Vice-President.

I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors; skiing in the winter and backpacking in the summer. Over the past few years my best friend Matt and I have hiked well over 700 km of multi-day hikes around Jasper, Vancouver Island and South America.

However, that’s all I’m going to reveal about myself for now. As this blog progresses, I hope that I am able to provide valuable insight towards the considerations one should contemplate before deciding to pursue medicine, and of course the application process itself. Although I am not in medicine yet, three rounds (soon to be four) of applications have provided me with more experience than most applicants. …Besides, coming from someone who has yet to succeed, if any of the insight I provide in this blog helps you, I must be one legendary person.


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